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I was born and raised in New York City amongst a family of therapists. My father is a Psychiatrist, my mother a Psychiatric Nurse and Social Worker; and my step-mother a Social Worker. That being said; going to weekly childhood therapy, was pretty much mandatory. To honor something I loved; I trained after school with the School of American Ballet and perfomed with the New York City Ballet Company as a child and teenager. Throughout those years and my UW Madison college years; I thought I was enjoying life, but I never quite felt 100 % comfortable in my own skin. It was actually unexpected stage fright after years onstage; that caused me to leave ballet and performing abruptly. I tried to pursure other areas in performing that I loved, but could never quite do it again; so I transitioned to behind the scenes work. After a few years of a career with NBC News, Commercial Production, and Film; I decided if I couldn't get myself to perform again and do what I loved, I would leave the world of production. Shortly after, I moved into a job in Banking, and eventually found myself running Events and Marketing. Ironically the position felt kind of similar to producing and directing. Sadly, even with the job security and success; I still felt like something was missing deep inside of my soul. One evening I went to see a childhood friend's art exhibit, it was there that things began to shift and unfold. My friend seemed so alive and happy. She named a number of different healing modalities she was working with, but it was the Barbara Brennan work she was receiving; that stuck with me. Before I knew it; I signed up for sessions and asked my practitioner how I could get more, learn more, and become a practitioner myself. To this day; I am so grateful for the path I embarked on. I got to know my Soul better, my wounds on a deeper level, and my life's longing in a clearer way. If the Brennan work feels like it resonates with you; I am here to meet you where you are at and to explore where you want to go. Some journeys are one session and some are more. It is whatever feels right for you and for your Soul.

With deep gratitude for your courage and with love and light

~ Lauren